Fully welded and with no silicone joints, the cleanroom washing station from Glatt is completely maintenance-free

Glatt’s maintenance-free washing areas are perfect for cleanrooms

New innovative wash station can easily be integrated into cleanrooms and, thanks to its seamless design, is durable and particularly easy to clean.

Weimar, Germany, January 2022: Plant manufacturer and process expert, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, from Weimar, Germany, has developed a seamless cleanroom washing area that has already successfully passed practical tests at both the company’s own technology center and customer sites.

Designed as a fully welded version and made of high-quality stainless steel, Glatt’s cleanroom washing area is free from silicone joints that would need to be replaced on a regular basis during continuous operation. As such, the washing area is maintenance free, easy to clean and resistant to all common disinfectants and cleaning agents used in the pharmaceutical sector.

Also flexible when it comes to installation, the washing area can be integrated into almost all standard cleanroom constructions and is compatible with most ceiling systems. Media connections and columns can easily be fitted to map hose receptacles or water taps in the washing area. In addition, the room can be driven over with heavy equipment. It is approved for high mobile loads and — as a result of backfilling with concrete — has impact-resistant ramming or collision protection. Whether or not a slope is required, the cleanroom washing area can be designed accordingly and is quick to install.

Planning ahead to ensure success

It’s hard to imagine a pharmaceutical industry without cleanrooms, which have to meet increasingly stringent requirements. Ideally, from the very beginning of a project, companies would involve an experienced planner to build or redesign a cleanroom. Coordinated interaction between the various supplies then ensures both efficient implementation and regulatory compliance.

Ronny Töpfer, project engineer at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, comments: “To date, our experts have implemented a large number of different class cleanroom projects, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand square meters each. Based on this experience, we were able to incorporate the complex requirements of cleanrooms into the development of this new type of washing area. The result is an innovative cleanroom washing area with no maintenance joints, which is an optimal solution for many pharmaceutical companies.”