Exploring new ways to produce cosmetic pigments – Interview with Merck and Glatt about the cooperation and the project

Using completely new technology, pigment specialists at Merck and Glatt Ingenieurtechnik’s technology and production experts have worked closely together to produce an innovative range of cosmetic pigments. The Darmstadt-based Merck Group placed an order for the development and construction of a plant based on chemical vapour deposition (CVD) after successful joint trials at Glatt’s location in Weimar. We interview the partner companies about the cooperation and the project.

  • interview partners:
    Dr Katarzyna Sztuka currently serves as the Head of
    EMEA Regional Marketing for Merck Electronics, Surface Solutions with experience and interest in cosmetics, automotive and industrial decorative & functional materials. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Biotechnology specialization) and an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, she possesses a strong foundation in both academia and practical application.
    With a special interest in fluidisation technology and particle formulation processes, Dipl.-Ing. Arne Teiwes specialises in solids process engineering and particle technology. He worked as a project engineer at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik (Weimar, Germany). Now focusing on process development and high temperature solids processing, he is currently focusing on New Technologies and Technology Development at Glatt.
  • originally published in the magazine Euro Cosmetics, issue 9-10/2023, Inter-Euro Medien GmbH
  • see also: On 30 June 2023, a completely new type of production plant for special effect pigments was officially commissioned at the Glatt Technology Centre. The Dryflux technology is suitable for numerous powder applications.